READ THIS Before Looking for Any Commitment From Your Man

Looking for a boyfriend?

Or talking to a guy right now and hoping that you might get some sort of commitment from him soon?

Well you definitely need to read this, because it’s going to be a huge help!

When it comes to commitment for a man, for a lot of men it can be very difficult, and it’s because there’s a range of criteria usually for most men that they need to check off before they feel they can get “tied down”.

So what are these things that men look for when it comes to commitment? And how will it help you to improve the chances that he commits to you?

Attraction is quite important when it comes to getting a man to commit to you

Now when we discuss attraction, I’m not referring to being hot and having a nice facial structure, it’s much simpler than that.

Firstly, are you healthy? Are you regularly active? If you are someone who is comfortable in their own skin and in their own body, then you will definitely have no issues having an attractive body. This is something completely in your control and you should make the most of it. You should aim to be proud of yourself.

Secondly, you are in control of your hairstyle, make-up, clothing, and grooming. You should ensure all of this is up to standard, and you have things that suit your body shape or overall style.

If you can take care of yourself and show this to your man, he will definitely be more attracted to you.

Showing that you respect him is more important than showing that you love him

This point is extremely important and you need to understand what this means. According to research where thousands of men were asked what they would choose, either giving up love but still being respected or not feeling respected but loved. At first, they were confused because they didn’t know what the difference was but still, the surprising answer was that over 80% chose respect above love. Women on the other hand chose love above respect. What this means, actually, is that, for men, respect equals love (or even more). If you want to learn more about this topic I highly recommend you read this review of James Bauer’s What Men Secretly Want. It lays out the foundations of the respect principle, what you might be doing wrong and how you can change this destructive behavior right now. As a result, you will be irresistible and more loved than you could have ever imagined by your man.

He has no issues or resistance while being with you

If you’re someone who is very easy going and can have a conversation with your man quite easily, then this works in your favor. Men want to be and commit to a woman who is fun and doesn’t nag. They want a woman who can work with them and enjoy life with them.

Some women can work against what a man wants and in turn the men can find they start feeling like they are being suffocated or “caged in” by the relationship. This is very important and it can stop your man from committing to you.

If you make him happy, if you make him feel good, if you make him feel special, he will want to commit to you

No one likes to be around another person who doesn’t make them feel good about themselves. Obviously, he will want to commit to you and be with you for an indefinite amount of time if he does feel that you give him this, so it’s definitely quite important.

He has the confidence and knows that he is the one, and he makes you feel happy to be with him

When a man knows that he makes you happy to be with him, it makes him feel special and he’d be happy to commit to you.

Everyone, man or woman, wants to feel special and think that they are important to someone else, and someone else depends even the slightest on them. This sense of importance to a man is crucial in him committing because it represents stability in a relationship and gives him a sense that it will be a somewhat lasting relationship.

You are different and keep things changing

No one likes the same thing over and over again. Repetition is very boring. When it comes down to a man choosing a partner to commit too, this is very important because men like variety and don’t like to commit to a girl who they feel will be boring and not bring anything new into their lives or the relationship they could potentially share together.

You can work on your own life, and by doing so and making it more interesting, you will slowly find that you are changing who you are, you are becoming a different person and this will rub off onto your man.

Also keep in mind that both you and your man are constantly changing and will continue to change as your relationship progresses. Therefore, by being someone who keeps changing, it shows your flexibility in life and how you can adapt to changes. This is very attractive because it means that you and him can move through any tough spots in your relationship together because you are very adaptive to change.

If you are more open to him, he will be grateful

Men are not mind readers, and they tell us all the time. If you are going to be open to him, and especially tell him what is on your mind, he will appreciate this and give you what you want in return, possibly even a commitment.

Men don’t like to guess in a relationship, and the last thing he’d want to do is guess if you want a commitment yourself. So tell him what you want, and don’t hold back.

You don’t force him to do anything or make him feel obligated to feel a certain way

If you don’t put any pressure on him, especially when it comes to how he must feel in the relationship and whether or not he’s moving at the same pace as you, he will be very appreciative of this and this may lead to him deciding when he is ready to commit to you.

Men don’t like to be rushed when it comes to making serious decisions in their lives. Show him that you appreciate this and he may give you some great news in return.

Now that you know and understand some of the things that go on inside a man’s head when it comes to thinking about making a commitment in terms of a relationship, you can better deal with it when it’s brought up in your life.

Take these ideas and use it in your life, whether it be in your relationship right now, or in a future one. The reason is because if you follow these effectively, it could increase your chances of getting what you want out of your relationship.

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